From Sweden to “Hollywood” with a Big Love for the Craft”

Börje grew up in a small city in the South of Sweden. After high school he wanted to discover the world through his own eyes and therefore he got a job as a busboy and later on as a waiter on the finest cruise ships in the world. The dining inside these cruise ships became his “theatre playground”… His platform to perform his passion for the art of acting.

At the age of 26 he became the Food&Beverage manager at the Ramada Hotels, just right after he had finished his studies as an accountor at University. When Börje was managing the restaurants of the Ramada Hotels they were awarded the best “food and service” worldwide among 650 restaurants and the next year he was running his first hotel . At the age of 29 Börje became a regional manager for 36 restaurants in Stockholm.

Later on he was managing and working together with the Swedish parlament government and Ministers for foreign affairs and he was also in charge CEO

In 1983, he was known as “The world´s restaurant director”, in charge of the largest world conference of security with 36 Ministers of Foreign Affairs. He was also attending the private dining room, where US and the Soviet Union met for the first time since the Afghanistan crisis 1978 – Börje knows what was said in the room!

Under the coming years he was working with some of the most profiled and largest restaurants in Stockholm and he also had his own restaurant for 10 years.

Year 2000 he decided to change his life and to follow his dreams. He started to study painting and sculpturing at art school and took his first classes in acting. Börje went to his first auditions. He nailed the two first castings and got the leading parts in two big national commercials. The following years he worked with many of the leading commercial directors in Sweden and in 2008 he decided to become a professional actor and took classes in Stanslavskij-Meissner and other acting techniques.

You can read more about Börje´s success story on his CV.

His awards and nominations worldwide are a proof of how you can achieve anything you want… if you are just brave enough to follow your dreams!


“It´s Never Too Late”

Börje Lundberg

Börje Lundberg
Location: Stockholm Sweden, London U.K., Berlin Germany

Citizen: Swedish Playing Age: 56-75 year Height: 5´9´´ (176 cm)

Languages: Swedish, English, German, French and some Spanish

eye colour: blue
hair colour: brown hair
length: long
body: fit
sports: longdistance running, horseriding, golf, ishockey, fotball

skype: borisart9